Haffun: Branding and Web Design

Scope: Branding, Marketing Playbook, Web Design, WordPress Development

Before and After


To design and develop a website for the first language learning subscription boxes on the Czech market.

The client started with a blog, which needed a redesign to present a novel concept of customized subscription boxes for children language learning on the market.

A specific feature of the service is the option to rent the box to prevent hoarding of books and toys, contributing to environmental sustainability.

The goals of the project were to:

  • Create a friendly and accessible branding,
  • create a website to explain the concept to the target audience in simple terms,
  • help visitors identify the best options for them in an interactive manner,
  • build an e-commerce solution to support the sale of subscription boxes and individual items,
  • create a marketing playbook to support the client with launching of the product.


1 – Interview

The data gathered from the initial interview with the client contributed to:

  • Customer persona and stakeholders,
  • analysis of the competition landscape,
  • client business goals and scope of the project.

2 – Ideation

To gain more insight on children preferences I conducted a designing workshop with my family.

We set off to create a playful and children-friendly brand.

We explored and tested ideas combining boxes and dogs (the Czech pronunciation of the brand resembles the word for a dog).

3 – Wireframing

The initial wireframes focused on the key parts of the website: The home page, and the interactive wizard (or quiz) to compose custom box items.

The sequence of elements on the home page was inspired by the StoryBrand framework by Donald Miller.

4 – Mock-ups

The final mock-ups were designed using Figma.

5 – Deliverables

The logotype was designed using QuarkXPress. The website was build with WordPress for design and development flexibility and easy content updates.

The website is optimized for speed, performance, and security.

Brand colors and accessible color combinations for digital and print
Logotype with readable font combinations
Typography using Noto Sans and Noto Serif fonts


The branding makeover and development lead to the following main outcomes:

  • Clear messaging and website copywriting speaking to the target audience
  • Consistent branding and user experience on desktop and mobile
  • Fast and engaging website (bounce rate below 60 %, and visit duration of +2 minutes)

But most importantly, the effort lead to a happy customer!

I approached Jan and his wife Malvína at the beginning of my business with a request to to transform my project into a digital presence. They created an imaginative logo and an online store describing my unique product. Their friendly yet highly professional approach throughout the process has been invaluable. I really appreciate our continued cooperation.

Simona Berlachovich, haffun.eu

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